Bridgman Public Library Event Calendar

Date: 8/22/2019
Time: 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Title: 1000 Mile Walk Around Lake Michigan with Loreen Niewenhuis
Contact: Denise Malevitis,
Location: Weko Beach House

In 2009, Loreen Niewenhuis walked completely around Lake Michigan, a 1000 mile walk around the world's fifth-largest lake. The book about her adventure explores both the geology of the lake and the measure of a person. Most of the walk was done solo, an adventure in discovery of self and place. In her presentation, Niewenhuis will take you along the shores of the lake she loves with photos and video from her journey. She will illuminate the geology, natural history, and biology of the lake and also what threatens this massive ecosystem: invasive species, pollution, and destruction of wetlands. Niewenhuis speaks with the authority of an expert as she has a M.S. degree in the biological sciences. She raises important questions about preserving our wild places and protecting fragile ecosystems on which we all depend.           269-465-3663