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Our Mission…The Bridgman Lake/Township Historical Society will “perpetually seek, collect and preserve items of historical value to the community in the form of photographs, writings, documents and artifacts; to make that material available for periodic displays at the Bridgman Public Library and other public venues. The Society will strive to instill in the community awareness and appreciation for local history; and to that end will encourage the public and parochial schools of Bridgman to include Bridgman and Lake Township history as a permanent part of the official curriculum.”

The Historical Society published the book “Bridgman/Lake Township the First One Hundred Years” in 2008. The book includes the history of the families, businesses, churches, schools and much more in Bridgman and Lake Township from 1856 to 1956. 

Limited copies of the book are available for purchase at Paws to Wash 4445 Lake St. Bridgman.

The Historical Society can be contacted using the form or by mailing inquires to Bridgman/Lake Township Historical Society 9738 Beechnut St. Bridgman, MI 49106.

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This film, believed to be done for promotional purposes, was donated to the Bridgman-Lake Township Historical Society by Mirium Magavern Gast.  

In 1932 Benjamin (“Mac”) Magavern and his wife Margaret (“Marney”) arrived in Bridgman with a lion named Gerry they had acquired out west. They purchased and operated the Navajo Trading Post and Zoo just north of Bridgman on Red Arrow Highway. ​ The post offered food & beverages, lodging, memorabilia and cottages. It also hosted its famous zoo, which included not only it’s very popular and well-known lions, but other animals as well; donkeys, monkeys and even a snake or two! The Navajo Trading Post and Zoo was a very popular stopping place for out-of-town visitors and residents as well.

The Navajo still is in operation as a restaurant and is owned by Dana and Joan D’Agostino. It has and continues to draw many out-of-town guests and residents with its excellent food.

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